The Moscou group

The Moscou group is located at The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, United Kingdom. In 2010, the group was initially within the 2Blades Group. After an expansion in our research programme, the group became independent in 2014. Our initial research focus was on identifying novel sources of durable disease resistance to wheat stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici) and wheat stem rust (Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici). Our research has now expanded to several themes including the genetic architecture of nonhost resistance in grasses to fungal pathogens, multiple pathogen recognition of R genes, molecular tradeoffs in immunity to biotrophs and necrotrophs, suppression of resistance in polyploid genomes, genomics of immunity in cereals, and pre-zygotic and post-zygotic hybridization barriers and their relationship to immunity.

Current members of the group include:

Name Starting Year Position
Sue Banfield 2012 Technician
Helen Brabham 2015 PhD student
Jiawen Chen 2018 Rotation PhD student
Phon Green 2011 Greenhouse manager
Inmaculada Hernández-Pinzón 2010 Lab manager
Samuel Holden 2016 PhD student
Shanita John 2018 MSc student
Matthew Moscou 2010 Group leader
James Russell 2018 Pre-doctoral scientist
Vera Sham 2018 Pre-doctoral scientist
Janina Tamborski 2018 Post-doctoral scientist
Anupriya Thind 2018 Post-doctoral scientist
Elisha Thynne 2018 Post-doctoral scientist

Alumni of the group include:

Name Year(s) Position
Victoria Auyeung 2014 Undergraduate student
Michael Barber 2012 Undergraduate student
Jan Bettgenhaeuser 2012 - 2017 PhD student/Post-doctoral scientist
Philippa Borrill 2010 Rotation PhD student
Danielle Ciren 2017 Undergraduate student
Alexandru Chelu 2018 Undergraduate student
Shaun Clare 2015 - 2016 MSc student
Chris Clark 2011 - 2013 High school student
Francesco Cosenza 2018 MSc student
Georgina Cox 2013 - 2014 Technician
Andrew Dawson 2012 - 2015 PhD student
Mollie Deeks 2018 High school student
Marie Dengremont 2011 Undergraduate student
Peter Emmrich 2013 Rotation PhD student
John Ferguson 2011 - 2012 MSc student
Sixtine Flipo 2012 Undergraduate student
Matthew Gardiner 2011 - 2015 Technician
Iacopo Gentile 2018 Undergraduate student
Noriko Ishikawa 2018 Visiting scientist
William Jackson 2015 - 2017 Research associate
William Kitcher 2016 - 2017 Undergraduate/Msc student
Peter Matthews 2011 MSc student
Katie O’Neill 2015 Technician
Maelys Ordoqui 2015 Undergraduate student
Richard Payne 2012 Rotation PhD student
Steven Peacock 2018 High school student
Megan Roberts 2018 High school student
Rebecca Spanner 2015 - 2016 MSc student
Amber Sturgess 2013 High school student
Wachira Suwannarut 2018 Undergraduate student
Lucy Veck 2017 Undergraduate student
Chizu Yanagihara 2018 Visiting scientist
Aizhan Zhussupova 2016 Visiting scientist

Last updated: 2018 December 1