Seminal papers that have shaped my scientific experience. Resources I have accessed over the years that have been extremely useful.


Constructing genetic map


Critical and example papers include:

Quantitiative trait locus analysis

Critical papers include:

Churchill and Doerge (1996) Permutations tests for multiple loci affecting a quantitative character. Genetics 142:285-294.

Transgressive segregation

Critical papers include:

deVicente and Tanksley (1993) QTL analysis of transgressive segregation in an interspecific tomato cross. Genetics 134:585-596.


Visualization of genes and genomes

dgenies provides dotplots for large genomes

Molecular Evolution


Data, visualization, and figures

Compendium of data visualization tools.
Vecteezy is a free vector art searchable repository.

High-throughput sequencing

Tools for mapping high-throughput sequencing data
RNAseq tutorial from the Griffith Lab
Counts, TPM, RPKM, and FPKM

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